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Prepare Students for a Bright Future

Our community's students deserve the highest quality education in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, indoctrination, and sexualization.  Students should be challenged with rigorous academic standards!

Unfortunately, Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) Superintendent Dr. Julie Vitale and Board Members Raquel Alvarez, Mike Blessing, Eleanor Evans, Nancy Licona, and Stacy Begin are failing our students. This failure extends to DEI Director Jordie Sparks and support staff members Andrea Norman, Mercedes Lovie, Todd McAteer, Donald Benz, and Ann Givens.

Voting records clearly indicate that since Superintendent Vitale assumed leadership of the Oceanside Unified Education system, she has consistently led the voting with a 5-0 majority in favor of the administration, often to the detriment of students.

Oceanside Unified Report Card 2021-2022 School Year

-Reading - in grades 3,4,5,6,7,8 & 11- 84.61% of students are failing

-Math -i n grades 3,4,5,6,7,8 & 11- 86.41% of students are failing  

-Science - Life, Physical, Earth & Space - in grades 5,8,10,11 & 12 - 91.31% of students are failing 

What action steps will you take to help our children? Your voice and vote matter!

(Note: Data sourced from the State of California Dept. of Education Smarter Balanced Assessment)

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Fiscal Irresponsibility and Mismanagement

The Oceanside School Board is responsible for managing a multi-million dollar budget, overseeing hundreds of staff members, and educating over seventeen thousand students. However, under the current leadership, a recurring pattern emerges in the voting records: the Board consistently diverts funds away from students, channeling resources towards upper administration and departments such as DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). It begs the question: do the community and parents truly understand the purpose and operations of this department?

The school district continually hovers on the brink of financial instability, prompting us to wonder where these substantial funds are being directed. In spite of dismal academic performance, overcrowded classrooms, and overburdened teachers, the current Board and Dr. Vitale, in particular, approved a 5% raise for herself (please refer to the attached record).

Budget cuts have also resulted in the elimination of bus services, placing responsibility on minors to find their own means of transportation to school, further burdening parents.

Additionally, during the tenure of the current Superintendent and Board, at least four schools have been closed. The reasons behind these closures demand scrutiny and explanation.

These are pressing questions that deserve answers. Unfortunately, a significant deficiency in accountability and transparency prevails. Parents, community members, staff, constituents, and stakeholders attempting to voice their concerns are met with targeted bullying, harassment, and intimidation by the Board. This conduct is not only appalling but also unacceptable.

WE, THE PEOPLE (comprising parents, the community, and taxpayers), have an indisputable right to understand how our hard-earned dollars are allocated and why our children are enduring these hardships.

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Inappropriate Materials and Sexual Education Curriculum

The state of California bears the responsibility of providing Health and Sex Education to students. Unfortunately, this responsibility has been gravely mishandled, leading to the introduction of explicit, pornographic, and age-inappropriate materials, alongside the promotion of controversial gender ideologies. Such content is both XXX-rated and deeply harmful to the impressionable minds of our youth.

Did you know that Sex Education is typically condensed into just one week of instruction? Moreover, the school system has made it excessively challenging for parents to opt their children out of this curriculum. Those who choose to do so often find their children singled out and subjected to bullying, having their innocence compromised. One of the most concerning aspects is the allocation of an entire hour to "trans" indoctrination, delving into a multitude of "pseudo" genders that lack a basis in established science or biology, falling far beyond the scope of appropriate educational content.

School libraries house books with titles like "Flamer," "All Boys Are Blue," "Gender Queer" and "Perfectly Normal." As part of our work as Grassroots Activists, my colleagues and I have tirelessly strived over the past 2.5 years to have these books removed from the reach of minors. Regrettably, our efforts have been met with resistance from the current board, which has mobilized the Union, LGBT community, students, principals, and teachers against us. The superintendent and school board have actively vilified our group because we have dared to challenge their narrative and advocate for children's rights to an education free from indoctrination, sexualization, pornographic content, and political manipulation. For a glimpse of the books available to minor children, please refer to the attached file (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, FOR ADULTS ONLY!).

All we seek is for our children to be left alone, with their innocence preserved, and receive the high-quality education they deserve!

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