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Thank you for joining the fight to protect our most precious resource: our children. 

Discover how you can become actively involved and restore parental rights, safeguard children's innocence, and ensure school boards are accountable to the families, students, communities, stakeholders, and constituents they represent.

Let's collaborate to remove politics from education and usher in an excellent learning environment by fostering critical thinking, rather than prescribing thoughts. We aim to reintroduce a comprehensive curriculum encompassing science, technology, engineering, art, math, literature, reading, writing, history, and the Constitution.

I firmly believe that our children are the leaders of tomorrow. It's our duty to equip them with the academic skills they need while instilling compassion, empathy, and a sense of responsibility. A robust school system begins with us, requiring dedication, determination, and resources. Will you partner with me to drive vital improvements in our school district? Your contribution will directly support the following:

1) Enhancing Learning Outcomes: Investing in exceptional, innovative, and caring teachers who raise educational standards for our students.

2) Establishing a Safe Learning Environment: Creating an environment free from discrimination, bullying, sexualization, and indoctrination, focusing on personal responsibility and clear boundaries.

3) Community Engagement: Valuing the input of parents and the community, ensuring accountability and complete transparency, fostering stronger families and bridges that, in turn, build a more robust society.

4) Fiscal Responsibility: Prudent budget management, directing funds toward students rather than administration, and maintaining a balanced budget.

Every dollar and every hour you dedicate to volunteering for my campaign, helping me secure a seat on the board is a significant investment in our community's children—OUR CHILDREN. I would be deeply honored if you would consider contributing your time, skills, and expertise to bolster our campaign and strengthen our school system for our children and future generations. I also ran for Central Committee in the March Primary because I'm committed to driving positive change. Please remember to vote for Rosie Higuera, Oceanside Unified Trustee, District 5, in November 2024.

Together, we wield immense power and can achieve remarkable outcomes. Thank you for your valuable time and thoughtful consideration.

Yours Truly,

Rosie Higuera



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